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Reach Your Goal Faster With Accelerated Orthodontics

Although a complete course of orthodontic treatment aimed at producing an ideal bite and tooth alignment may take between 12 and 24 months, short term options are available here at Adelaide Orthodontists which can greatly improve the appearance of the front teeth, often within 6 months. These options may be suitable for someone who would like to improve their smile quickly for an upcoming event such as a wedding.

You may have heard of some quick orthodontic treatments being advertised recently, such as Rapid Smiles, Smilefast and 6 Month Smiles. However, you should know that all of these systems are basically versions of traditional braces. You should also be aware that in most cases, general dentists undergo only 1 or 2 days training before being able to use these systems. At Adelaide Orthodontists, as specialist orthodontists we are able to offer all of the treatment options that are available and guide you in making your choice as to the best option for your individual needs and desires, whether that be rapid treatment or traditional full treatment.

We offer rapid treatments using conventional braces, clear braces, and even lingual braces (on the inside surfaces of the teeth) or Invisalign. We are happy to talk you through all of the options at your consultation appointment.

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