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Conventional braces have been perfected over time to offer the most optimal results

Using a combination of metal brackets and wires, our traditional braces can resolve a number of different correction and alignment concerns. They are strong and can often attain the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time. As braces have developed over time, they are now smaller in size which assists with keeping your teeth clean and more comfortable than before.

Conventional braces involve metal brackets connected by a wire that exerts a gentle pressure over a period of time to gradually move the teeth into a straighter alignment. They are also used to correct the bite relationship between the arches. Traditional braces can often be the most cost-effective option when choosing to straighten your teeth. This is beneficial for families with children who need orthodontic treatment, or for anyone who is looking for the most effective option to address significant orthodontic concerns. Metal braces can also be customised with colours around the brackets, allowing young patients to personalise their braces. These colours can be changed at every visit if you wish.

The treatment process

The traditional braces treatment occurs over a number of stages and can normally take 6 months – 24 months before completed.

Your orthodontist will discuss every step of the treatment process with you to ensure you are informed and know what to expect but the general process is listed below.


Step 1

This is when the initial alignment of the teeth takes place. The most visible changes can usually occur now as irregular teeth are moved into alignment. This step is usually completed within 6 months.
Step 2

This stage focuses on the correction of the bite and the closure of any gaps between the teeth. Stronger wires are combined with elastics to achieve full effect and this step is usually completed within 6-9 months.
Step 3

Now we focus on details and fine tuning. Individual tooth position is assessed and corrected by applying elastics and specific bends in the wires. This step is usually completed within 3-6 months.


The most important part of your treatment is maintaining the results. Once your treatment is finished, it’s imperative to remember that your teeth may still move. This is why we provide you with custom made retainers to prevent the teeth migrating back to their original position.

Retention will be discussed in more detail during your consultation to determine the best course of action for you.

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