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Early Orthodontic Treatment

This refers to active orthodontic intervention before all of the adult teeth have appeared and usually while there are still some baby teeth present. Often this kind of treatment takes place between the ages of 8 and 11.

Early orthodontic treatment is usually focused on fixing a developing problem so that it doesn’t need to be fixed later or so that is much easier to deal with at a later time. It can also be useful to reduce the risk of damage to protruding teeth.

The types of orthodontic problems addressed by early orthodontic treatment include jaw growth discrepancies, severe tooth protrusion, crossbites (bite problems related to narrow jaws) and extreme crowding of the teeth.

We recommend an initial orthodontic examination at age 7-8 so that the developing teeth and bite can be checked and the need for any early intervention assessed. Sometimes leaving the initial orthodontic check-up until a later age may mean that the opportunity for early treatment is missed and this may make future orthodontic treatment more complicated than what it could be.

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