Braces With Aesthetics and Efficiency

A Subtle Yet Effective Way To Achieve A Straighter Smile

Clear braces offer the effectiveness of traditional technology with the aesthetics of a cosmetic alternative. Ceramic braces, otherwise known as clear braces are the most tried & tested orthodontic technologies of recent times. Brackets are clear or tooth coloured which makes them significantly more discreet than your traditional braces. As a result, it means you can get all the benefits from traditional braces without the obvious impact on your appearance. While some cosmetic orthodontic treatments are only suitable to correct minor concerns. Clear braces can be used to correct almost all orthodontic problems. They are just as effective as traditional metal braces and can be used in simple or very complex cases. Braces are generally considered to be the fastest and most reliable way of straightening teeth. Yet many people don’t like the obvious appearance of traditional metal brackets. These brackets are small in size and clear in colour. As a result, making them less obvious. Add the option of white wires, and your braces will be even more subtle. If you are looking for clear braces Adelaide. You cannot go past Adelaide Orthodontists.

The treatment process.

Treatment for ceramic or clear braces is very similar to traditional braces. The initial alignment is when the teeth are moved into position & the most drastic changes take place. In the second stage any spaces between the teeth will be closed. After that, we look at individual tooth position & the final corrections. Individual needs will be assessed in the initial consultation and after that a treatment plan will be put into place. Your cosmetic braces can help you reach your goal in an efficiently and aesthetically pleasing way. You can smile without worrying about your braces as the ceramic brackets will fit seamlessly into your natural smile.

Our Process

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