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Incognito™ Lingual Braces. A virtually invisible orthodontic option - nobody will even notice you are straightening your smile.

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Incognito Braces Adelaide. The ultimate discreet choice without any visible signs

While we offer many discreet orthodontic treatments, lingual braces are the only treatment which is completely hidden from view. The Incognito system is a highly aesthetic orthodontic solution that utilises the most effective elements of traditional braces combined with the benefits of cosmetic procedures.

The Incognito system operates with brackets and wire, much like traditional braces. However, these brackets are bonded to the back of your teeth which makes them completely concealed. The brackets are engineered to follow the shape of your teeth to deliver even pressure. They are also relatively smooth and custom-made for a seamless fit and increased comfort.

Lingual braces can correct both minor and complex cases of dental concerns and are designed to deliver targeted results regardless of how severe your malocclusion is. Gaps between teeth, misaligned bites and crowding can all be corrected with the use of Incognito braces.

Receive Incognito braces by a trained specialist

Lingual braces incorporate powerful technology and to get all the benefits and achieve a beautiful outcome, you should only trust a qualified orthodontist. Our team is highly experienced in providing the lingual braces treatment and we can help to ensure that you receive the smile you have always wanted.

The treatment process

The treatment process for lingual braces is very similar to receiving traditional braces. During your first consultation, our orthodontist will address your dental concerns and assess the positioning of your teeth and the alignment of your jaws. Provided that you are a suitable candidate, there are a number of steps that take place in the treatment process. Your treatment time will depend on your specific oral condition but is generally around 6-24 months. Our team will discuss the anticipated treatment time with you in your initial consultation.

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Step 1

Your orthodontist will take a 3D digital impression of your teeth used by a digital intra-oral scanner. This will allows us to create a unique bracket prescription. This is then sent to the Incognito appliance system laboratory to create a completely custom-made appliance.
Step 2

The laboratory will then construct the brackets and arch wire using robotic technology. Within 6-8 weeks, your incognito braces are delivered to Adelaide Orthodontists, ready for fitting.
Step 3

The brackets are then bonded to the back of your teeth with a specialised bonding agent. Once they are comfortable and stable we thread through the wire which will gradually shift the teeth into their desired position.
Step 4

At regular intervals of approximately 6 weeks, we will monitor the progress and tighten the wire to encourage further movement of the teeth.

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