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Comfortable and easy to maintain - Our appliances can be used before and in combination with orthodontic treatment.

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Here at Adelaide Orthodontists We Have A Large Variety Of Removable Appliances or “Plates”

Removable appliances or “plates” are often used in growing patients to alter the growth pattern of the jaws in order to correct a problem with the relationship of the upper and lower jaws to each other, or problems with the way the teeth bite together. This can often correct jaw discrepancies before they develop into major problems.

Sometimes these appliances are used to expand the growing jaw to provide more space for the teeth to fit in properly. They can also be used for correction of minor discrepancies in tooth positioning and alignment.

Removable appliances can be used on their own, particularly in younger patients, but are sometimes used as part of an overall treatment plan which may also involve braces or other treatments. The orthodontists at Adelaide Orthodontists will discuss with you whether removable appliances will be helpful with your treatment.


The treatment process

Step 1

Impressions or “moulds” of the teeth are made and then send to the laboratory where your appliance is custom made. You will have the opportunity to choose an individual colour for the plate or just have the plate made from clear plastic material.
Step 2

The appliance is delivered to the Adelaide Orthodontists office after approximately one week and an appointment is made to fit the plate to your teeth and to go through detailed instructions on how to wear it and look after it.
Step 3

Appointments are made at 6-8 week intervals so that treatment progress can be monitored and the plate adjusted as needed. The whole treatment will generally take between 3 and 12 months, depending on the problem being addressed.

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