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At Adelaide Orthodontists We Believe That Care For Your Braces & Teeth Whilst Having Braces Is The Key For Success.

Braces are important to help fix teeth that are crooked, too close together, far apart and help with under or overbites. What is however very important with braces is that you take care of them. The better care you have for them, the more effective they’ll be and the quicker they’ll come off.

Brushing and Flossing with braces:

When you are wearing braces taking care of your teeth and gums becomes extra important. You must brush and floss your teeth regularly and be gentle to avoid damaging the wires and brackets.

It is recommended you use a soft head toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. It is highly encouraged that you brush and floss after every meal this recommendation means food is less likely to get stuck in your braces and decreases the chances of plaque build-up.

Food to avoid with Braces:

  • Sticky, chewy or hard foods such as Caramels, gummy candy, liquorice
  • Crunchy food, like popcorn or ice
  • Hard Foods, like nuts, hard pretzels
  • Sugary Food, like candy and soft drink
  • Foods you need to bite into, like corn on the cob, apples, uncooked carrots
  • Also be aware of not chewing pens, pencils or fingernails


Remember too much force when flossing can cause damage to your braces. Be gentle and work it slowly back forth between the teeth and braces.

Having Braces on your teeth means you need to pay a little more attention to your mouth, if  brackets or wire becomes loose, you need to see your orthodontist right away to get it fixed.

Braces will require special care to keep them happy!

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